Monkey Facing

Posted on: June 5, 2014

Syllabification: mun-kee fay-sing

Monkey Facing is a deviant sexual behaviour that came to prominence in the early part of the 21st century. It can be "enjoyed" by a man as part of masturbation, but tends to involve 2 participants. Before sexual intercourse, the man (and in some cases also his partner - It has been reported that the female participant may contribute hair for this purpose, although instances of this are somewhat rarer.) shaves off his pubic hair (normally collected from the area around the genitals, although on occasion ‘ass hair’ is used), and then sex continues as normal. Immediately before climax, the penis is withdrawn (or ‘pulled-out’) and the man then ejaculates onto the face (see facial,facialisation, cumshot etc.) of his partner (in solo cases he will discharge into his hands, and then apply the semen to his own face manually), before throwing his pubic hair at him/her. The sperm causes the hair to stick (much like ‘tarring and feathering’) making the recipient look like a monkey, and so a Monkey Face has been created.

Understandably, finding participants to ‘model’ a Monkey Face willingly is fairly difficult (although several escorts now offer this service for a small additional fee), and this has lead to a rise in cases of Surprise Monkey Facing. This is when the recipient is unaware that their sexual encounter will end with a faceful of pubic hair, and these incidents are most likely to occur during college dormroom parties or ‘Dogging Meets’ (see dogging, car meets). The unwitting participant will have agreed to receiving a facial, but right at the last second, the ‘donor will produce a fistful of freshly ‘torn out’ hair (or some that was cut at an earlier stage) and throw it into their face. There have also been cases reported of third parties (usually friends of the donor) bursting into a room at the point of climax, before covering the recipient in hair that has been ‘collectively sourced’... this is often recorded with a camera or smartphone and then used to embarrass the Monkey ‘Facee’ at a later stage.


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